Costumes for Hamlet

For the costume scheme design, I found the sessions I had on object theatre and its power of imagination and effect it can have on creating and representing characters to be very eye opening. I researched and dissected the characters – what they were to represent in Elizabethan times and who they would be nowadays.Continue reading “Costumes for Hamlet”

Nottingham Playhouse

site visit to Nottingham Playhouse. Explore the space, measure, investigate, plan, SIGHTLINES. On stage- set for “The Memory of Water”, play written by Shelagh Stephenson, design by Laura Hopkins.

Ideas for Hamlet

attacking the space. Nottingham playhouse. Shakespeare. Exploring the space. Researching. Playing. Gravity – black hole. Burnt (shurred) wood – destruction. an orgy of destruction and revenge.

Seven Acts of Mercy – white card model

Initial ideas for the performance in wavily theatre in 1:25 scale. Traverse – to feel more intimate, so audience are closer to stage, closer to emotions and action. Audience – not just seeing the performance – they will be witnessing it. And seeing other members of audience through the set, therefore audience are vital partContinue reading “Seven Acts of Mercy – white card model”