Nottingham Playhouse

site visit to Nottingham Playhouse. Explore the space, measure, investigate, plan, SIGHTLINES. On stage- set for “The Memory of Water”, play written by Shelagh Stephenson, design by Laura Hopkins.

Ideas for Hamlet

attacking the space. Nottingham playhouse. Shakespeare. Exploring the space. Researching. Playing. Gravity – black hole. Burnt (shurred) wood – destruction. an orgy of destruction and revenge.

Costume design for Canterbury Tales

Second project of first term – costume design scheme for Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer illustrates and describes society and classes in the Middle Ages. He looks and tells stories of people from different backgrounds, ages, occupations, status and beliefs. Containing detailed descriptions of characters, the book is great resource not only for historians,Continue reading “Costume design for Canterbury Tales”