“Memory Foam”

Sound/dance performance/ritual for Feast Festival, Great Malvern, 2021

We have been isolated and alone for far too long. Holding ceremonies of self, vigils for the last vestiges of someone who can not be, can not wake up even when eyes are wide open; we can not bare to let go.

“Memory Foam” is a ritual for both the audiences and performers. An experimental mix of theatre, dance and sound that explores the difference between sleeping and dreaming, between real and un-real. Live soundscapes that are based on brain wave patterns in sleep, created and corresponding in response to contemporary tap dance. It explores the ego split and trapped between the ever-underlying will to be, reaching for ideals in memories rather than future aspirations, and fear of failing and therefore of act of living.

Concept. Design. Directing, Great Malvern, 2021

“I Am The Castle”

Site-specific performance/heritage design for Nottingham Castle
Concept. Design. Making. May, 2021
An abstract and contemporary performance that explores the other side of rebellion, the destructive nature and causes of it.
The 4th Duke of Newcastle, an anti-hero whose castle was burnt during the 1831 reform riots. When stubbornness, ignorance and selfishness meet hunger for a change – an explosion is unavoidable.

“The Red Tree” by Shaun Tan

Devised, immersive performance for young audiences
Design, making, puppeteering. Devised with NTU Theatre design students, Nottingham, dec.2019

“Henry Stanley”

Performing in Southwell Workhoue, England, one of most complete workhouses in existence,part of National Trust. Retelling the story of one of the inmates – Henry Stanley through performance.

Costume designer: Leena Martin, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, 2019

“Peter Pan”

Performing. Deranged version of Peter Pan. Villain and danger to the lost boys. Costume Designer: Kayleigh Bakker, photographer: Crash Taylor. Nottingham, 2019

“I wanna hurt”

Performance/video for the song “I wanna hurt” by Screamers. London, 2014